Monday, May 25, 2009

New Poem: My Love

My love
by Tim Kavi

dancing love
amongst the flowers
heaven scent
no earthly powers

can deny
my seeking after

OH my love!

I will swim
the widest ocean
climb the tallest
fight through

just to see
you from afar

MY love!

your appearance
is so
many gape and stare

My love!

to see you
in the dress
with shoulders
so bare

you move
majestic and true
across the ages
the Gods
the sages
all saw You

golden skin
curls that flew
across the

there was You
in the marbled halls
sacred fragrances
evening chants
eternal romances

MY love!

there was you
in the cave
there was you
out in the open
in the wilderness
lifted up

to lead a people
the unwatered place

they burned and scorched

while you let me
drink of You
in the desert oasis
at night
I saw your secret places

My love!

it is no wonder
that I flew
when I heard it
was You
calling me
leading me

back to You.

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