Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Under the Sheet ( New Poem with Poet comments)

"Under the Sheet"
by Tim Kavi

self chiseled
in granite
her form
was so beautiful
that the artist wept with
relief at the fashioned
of doting love
and appreciation

for she had
formed herself
at least in part

where she met
the tools of his

the expressions
of his artful
and the love
from his co-creative

she always
was formed
outside of this

yet today
they met in the
sculptured expression
of their joint love

and when he threw back
the sheet
there she was

and he loved her more
than ever before.

this was just published on my Myspace blog . There is a double meaning in this poem, but it is another revelation poem, revelatory in the sacred and other sense--a revealing of love such as in artistic creation. However the materials always pre-exist and the shaping is done--this is a co-creative process. The She in this poem does not depend upon the He in this poem to exist--it is carefully shown that she already exists and has formed herself. This is really a mutual process this creation. She doesnt just guide his hands as the only scupturer--but She shows him how and where to chisel the stone as well. She actively chisels with him together. They chisel each other. In this manifestation, it is her goddess form that is revealed (told from the male narrator's perspective). As it is Her form that is ultimately revealed in their joint creative act of the birth of their love and the moment of revelation and consummation--She rightfully belongs to the artful expression of highest beauty--the woman who is loved as a goddess..--T.K.

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