Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not Even the Coming of Sleep (New Poem with Brief Poet Comment)

"Not Even the Coming of Sleep"
by Tim Kavi

gentle birdsong
in the coming of night
fades in the coming
of my love
hushed silence
in your beauty

this angel took flight
to inform all
of Nature
in her love

She is precious
and true
real as my own soul
adores her
in love's might
Her sweet wings
guides us to the light

and with her kiss
not even death
lays me asleep
for in her celestial
my soul does
safely keep

these words
be told
the song never broken
for no truer
words are spoken

I love you
forever true
that even when I
in fondness bid

there is always
Only You.

Brief Poet Comment: This poem is about love and death, and love transcending death.--T.K.

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