Thursday, November 25, 2010

When I See YOU (Poem)

"When I see YOU"
by Tim Kavi

when I see
your breath
I am moved
by the wind of Qi

and when
I am your hopes
I know I always
am what is meant to be

a sweet destiny

and when
I am in your arms
I feel embraced
by Dancing love

and when I am
in your eyes
I know there is
only the sound
of love's cries

and I am complete
only as I know
the completeness
of You

as your sun
guides my moon
to your sweetest
heavenly view

I always see
my True Love
and I know
she is YOU.

Friday, November 19, 2010

when we speak (poem)

when we speak
by Tim Kavi

when we speak
the music
of a gentle kindness
fills the room
the notes
of happy voices
fill the air

where we see each other
in heart
or mind
or next near to each

that music plays
everywhere we know
familar or not

our happy tunes
and when
we sing to each other
the music
sounds like
the cloud filled
starry nights
through all of our Junes

and through any dark times
there is a lifeline
that flows between us
brighter than the sun
and that is
when the music stops
it is just for a moment
while the band
tunes up

ready for the
next loving fun
and when
the day is done
the lifeline still flows

in the music
that shows

our happy love

it plays on and on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet Angel of True Love (Poem)

Sweet Angel of True Love
by Tim Kavi

walking into that place
I fell below
your sacred stance

but for grace
I thought
you are not a person
but an angel
of True Love

from heaven

in some
mystical dance

for when your eyes
open in love
and close in passion
I see your wings
beautiful creature

flying with you
I ride in flight

sweet seraph
you are the muse
in the Temple
of your lovely

and the incense
that burns
near your altar
is only
the sweetest love
of my heart

it always yearns
for your majestic
place on high

I saw You there
your angelic
love came nigh

your beauty
is clothed
in the robe
of love

that rides
the gentle

that divinity
only knows

and in that
last prayer
of worship
I say that
it is only
your care

that brings
a sweet repose.

No Place But You (Poem)

No Place But You
by Tim Kavi

in your arms
is a fortress
of our
daily built love

in your kisses
are the
plans that bring
armies to nought

in your hugs
are a
lasting embrace

it is a strong
that cannot
be bought

a surrender
to your love

is where
I want
to be

you are there
in your bed

waiting for me

I march
in a careful

there is
no place
but you

to run with
and be safe

you show
me your

but there
is no need

I give up

and wave
the white
flag of love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Younger Woman (poem)

Younger Woman
by Tim Kavi

she was sweet
her faithfulness
never missing a beat

her love
and knew

that even
every time
I saw her
our love was
brand new

going through
again and again
the years

yet she
was always
in my kiss

and our love
a younger

Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the Wind (Poem)

In the Wind
by Tim Kavi

flying to you
on your wings
I knew

in your kiss
was the bliss
that revealed all of me
to you

my body
my soul
my very heart
sought your kiss

which you returned

and in that love
I found my goddess
my missing bride

I turned
in worship

and in the morning
I saw her face
it was You
Goddess in love

goddess, my bride!

she said
my love
I can not even breathe
By your charm and masculinity,

he said

I Love you so
by your Voice
your love

then I saw
your smile
the woman
in the hat
of love

I saw the smile
that first met
In the Wind

your hair blowing
there is a calm

as the quiet scene
your love
is the
cementing balm.

In the words of a poet (poem)

In the words of a poet
by Tim Kavi

in the words of a poet
there are many events
experiences stories
to be told it

a dutiful
observer they
speak of hidden
even in the everyday
one is wiser
to know it

when the stanzas
all poets
give their best
to send

loves lives
in the words
of the poet

trying to show it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"SuNNy LoVe" (poem)

"SuNNy LoVe"
by Tim Kavi

in the sunshine of your love

every rainy day is made sunny

and every lonely day is made warm

and in the morrow
as sure as the sun rises

your SuNNy LoVe
is faithful anew

the flowers
push through

the ground

because of you !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pretty Bag of Love (poem)

Pretty Bag of Love
by Tim Kavi

my sweet love
held something
close and dear

to her heart
She carried it
always near

through the rain
it was dry

through the wind
it was strong

and in the sun
the light reflected
the pretties there

what is that? I asked
something precious
worth more than
she said

she smiled
it was made with
great care
to carry something
special there

peeking in the bag

there were memories
songs sung
gifts brung
happy loves
in the glowing

the beach
the stars
the candle lit

fragrant soaps

poems his love
had said

rose petals
for their
wedding bed

all weekend
and every day
I see her
pretty bag of love

it went with
her everywhere

carried in her
pretty Asian hands
going with her
always there

she opens it
again and again
with happy

she says
this is the love
of my Timmie Lee

as she went to work
I saw it then

as she went shopping
had ice cream
I saw it then

the design
was beautiful
made in love

decked out embroidered
straps made it
easy to carry

she said

in the bag
is our love
both mine
and the man I will