Sunday, April 21, 2013

geometry of places spun (new poem)

by creative artist Will Segerman

geometry of places spun
by Tim Kavi

above me 
lies a returning circle
recurrent again
bringing me to the traverse
same path; timelines bend

below a line
there's a place
flatter than flatland
we exist as
miracles of grace

we move our beings
through space and time
alive and glimmering
where reality as we know it

are mere markings 
for on the cave wall
are shadows dancing
in the firelight
of some grand figures tall

nothing else is seen
in the ghostly memories
of reality's soft sheen
there seems only what some
say it is
the land of dreams

and if the rest
my eyes could see
in some kiss or embrace
a devotion of the familiar
in some previously
forgotten place

so that when
the sun goes down
they tell me
tomorrow I am the same
I will not believe them
although I have the name

so that when 
they tell me, that tomorrow
whenever, however it's done
will surely advisedly
always come

let me make sure
the world is not lying
to my senses
let me touch the appearing
warping gates
in the wall's defenses

but You are not there
my hand passing through it
the implements extended
I cannot grasp them
but I know something
was there; existent

collapsing space time
offers no regret
in the death
of memorable times spent
and yet

tomorrow I do awaken
it is another place
another life
and I and everyone
are different
so very different

some said forsaken
bought and bruised
reality's wave riders
forgotten and abused
but those beliefs do fade
in freedom's choosing gliders

fallen and shaken
fallible; yet rising again
there is only You and Me
to form them
in reality's contemplation

so be careful
when you imagine what is true
for tomorrow you might discover
that it was only You.

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