Tuesday, May 28, 2013

simple things (new poem)

simple things
by Tim Kavi

simple things
are just a few words
but the words
are full of meaning

simple things
are behaviors that
offered to the masses
lead you to great mission

or maybe
just to love
and be loved?

did you ever see
a smile that lit up your world?
felt a hug that you knew
afterwards no matter what

everything would be ok?
swirls of wind did not
steal your soul
although it took all you had

that you would love again
that you would live again
did you ever see
a glance, no a looking
that said something to you

that besought you?
what is your answer
to the simple things
that show the suffering

in the world?

is it only the humble
open heart
to love back
to give something
to answer a call

the best you could
but with everything you are
these are the simple things
everywhere you go today
needing responses

to walk that way
for it always leads
to Nature
to the human
the human heart

and to compassion.


  1. I know the hug you refer to in this marvelous piece. It was love from a friend when I was so lonely and afraid. That hug felt perfect. Thank you for reminding me of it.


    1. You are welcome John Paul! Thank you for your comment. I am glad to help your memory of such a wonderful act. There is no love so perfect as the love between friends, the friends we remember throughout a lifetime. ~~TK