Thursday, May 9, 2013

There is Mom (Poem)

There is Mom
by Tim Kavi

so what is this?
across the translucent orb
endless universe so vast
that God in his designs
would seek to make perfect
for sure to last?

but the need for what was created
man or woman
to never be alone?

but the sacredness
of family
of love
and of home?

and in that home
stands a sacred one
sure and true

the fortress of Mom

which every kid
growing up, knew
is true blue
in all she said
and did

until around
every troubled bend
twisted by life's
and uncertain wind?

there is the love
of God
and the love of Mom

gently guiding
assisting in fate
but always loving

there is Mom
there is Mom.

Poet's Brief Afterword:  Dedicated to all the moms out there.  Happy Mother's Day!  Words (even from poets) cannot describe what is meant by the word and love of 'Mother'! It is no wonder that some of the most nurturing goddess archetypes are of the Great Mother, or mother Goddesses.  But who influenced who? Indeed!  Both influenced each other.  Read about my own dream about a Benevolent Mother encounter with Ma Durga--who was seeking me and loving me even as I was trying to hide ! (Click Here for that Account). The poem here, 'There is Mom" is also a poem about my own Mom,  and was read by me as a memorial tribute to her in 2010.~~TK


  1. What a beautiful tribute to all the wonderful Mother's all over the world. Yes, there is no greater love than the love of a Mom and of God.
    Beautiful writing indeed.
    Thank you!
    God Bless,

    1. Thank you, Sannel! Yes there are many expressions of love and manifestations of the Goddess in the world....but the love of a caring mother is one of the greatest. Appreciate YOU!~TK

  2. The most beautiful person & the visible God on Earth MOM..ur beautiful lines have made MOm appear more beautiful and a real Goddess of compassion..Thanks for sharing this great piece of work..GOD<3U

    1. Adhi: I appreciate you as a person and a fellow poet so much, I just love it when you come by, read my poems, and make comments. Thank you so much. You are correct, there is not a better example of the ultimate compassionate Goddess than MOM! Namaste, ~~TK