Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From glory to Glory (New Poem)

"Lady of the Sea" artwork by Jonathon Earl Bowser

From glory to Glory
by Tim Kavi

there is only
the calling that is
that arises
as sure as any dawning
certain in the uncertainty
that any hope
of tomorrow always brings

the promise of an appearing
to live again!
a stream is ongoing
You cannot step into the same river
twice; Heraclitus said

well spoken
to remember; I am not the same
the river has a name
but it is not the same river

never give up hope
in the wading to a deeper place
in the swimming in a deeper love
in a kiss from galactic orbs
of being

enter the stream
cross the stream
bridge it in Divine love
walk on water in human love
the stream where the bowl
swirls backwards
showing proof of that which is

in the bridge
of person to person
to the waters of healing
to the tears that feed the stream
to the stream that becomes
a river of self acceptance
self love transcended then to Other love

the basic walk of toddlers
in a mature universe taught by love
until riding the waves
goes to the stream
babies to the river
we are baptized

so that love
teaches it 
becomes an ocean
where we never lose who we are

for who I am is a who WE are

swim on
walk to the side
make way for the journeying
break it up
turn again; find anew
when you come again to the banks
of existing

hope; a reflection in the water
Goddess we are seeing Saraswati
in the water

Shekinah glory
led from glory to glory
the Other side of your godly form
I no longer see my masculine face
washed in your water

I cannot stand in Your temple
I no longer see war and hate

it morphs again
and again
I look again my aged masculine face
renewed by your love

in your Youth I am cleansed
the stream is calling entry
the river is flowing
the ocean nearly overcomes

therein the waters of existence
Shekinah, I am brought 
guided again, to your dove like love
even to Your Goddess face.

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