Thursday, June 7, 2018

A-musing Wisecracks Across the Mind (poem)

A-musing Wisecracks Across the Mind (poem)

by Tim Kavi

watching out eight ways to beat
up around the bend
the shuffling of feet
Terpsichore moves so sweet

moving in dialectical ways
hegel and Marx wink wink
Linehan too; what's my storied days
basking in Clio's sunny rays

what's the rub; long tales at night
Ode to all longly said
grinning, bringing the light
Calliope eats a cantaloupe; such a sight

consuming me; love's sting
staying awake is no worry
linger long, no hurry, ring ring
with Eratos, love's the thing

A-musing laughing goddesses
dance across gardens
bulls in China shop hippotamuses
advocate very deep hypotheses (sic)

incorporating movements of verse
song and dance; cutting glass
poetry in planetary motions reverse
fading history finds it all the worse

until she dabs my feverish head.

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