Sunday, May 13, 2018

Great Mothers (new poem)

Great Mothers

by Tim Kavi

for all those who live
and for those who hope
one, may be found

it is written
mothers of the heroes
eternally reside
in echoing songs 
of glorious triumph

sirens lost in the mist
overshadowed by her
who truly leads 
to the harbor of home

goddesses in full reveal
their mighty garments
in queenly rise
contained in love's mighty fist

held steadfast
earth's children and young
taught in persevering ways
of love

instructed across
the oceans of space and time
lessons never forgot
coming in the clouds
of judgment's might

smashing injustice
assuring fairness
and freeing all who hurt
above the final abyss

there is the way made
plain and sure
teeth of dragon dulled
sickle of wheat, harvested
and put away

death and famine
are stopped by an angel
with humanity's kiss

journey of the swift
to provide aid and assist
to all who are heroes
and bravely exist

walking surely
hand in hand
to paths higher up

mothers of the heroes
eternally reside.

artist's afterthought: this poem, written last year on my own mother's birthday (8-21) and shared here to celebrate Mother's Day--is a homage to great mothers everywhere, Jung's Great Mother archetype--and the history of all moms and their enduring love who instruct all of us; heroes to exist. The last line and elsewhere in the poem--reveals an acrostic: mothers of the heroes eternally reside--where the first letter of each word gratefully & lovingly spells M-O-T-H-E-R. ~~TK.

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