Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Latest Poem: "Poems for Breakfast"

"Poems For Breakfast"
by Tim Kavi

There is a place
in time
and space
geometric topologies
no apologies
it's fragmentary real
a greasy spoon

rolling on the
Dharma wheel

going there
freedom's room
it's a revision
of sweet music
a Gershwin tune
a real blue moon

reservations only
call Judy
or Frank
your hostess
in life's
existential saloon.

poet's noet (N-o-te, or know it): notes about the birth of this poem.
Written on 2-19-08 at the Original Hotcake House in Portland, Oregon--USA. A delightful breakfast house. A source of inspiration amidst the cross cultural clientele. Realities are deeper here in the intersections of livescrossing. Judy is for Judy Garland, Frank is for Frank Sinatra, artists swooning in the light of dreamy romantic moon. --T.K.

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