Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dreams of Love (Poem) With Commentary

"Dreams of Love"
by Tim Kavi

the searching
lonely ones
have their natures
haunted by
dreams of love

already those
who have
bravely loved
taste of
and longing
sadness and loss
yet, moved by grief

are somehow
climbing back
to risk again
love's relief
searching for
true love

a lost rock
a rolling demise
like Sisyphus

yet knowing
the goddess in you
truly shines...

climbs again
and again
eternal recurrence
purgatory shines
out of this hell

your love
always saves.
In the poem "Dreams of Love" I use some western references that makes my poem hard to understand by those from an Eastern culture (like China). Sorry--here my explanation might help you...(although as a Western Lit major you may need no explanation).

Beatrice is the significant female and love influence of Dante Aligheri one of the most significant poets of Italian literature. IN 1290 after her death he wrote La Vita Nuova which reveals the importance of his idealized love FOR HER as the inspiration for most of his works! His book: The Divine Comedy, likely written in or completed by 1315, describes a journey through hell an dpurgatory. I am referring once again as I often do , by using Beatrice, as another example how the power of woman saves a lost and directionless man.

Sisyphus, a greek character from mythology is another example of someone trying to leave hell. He pushes a rock up a hill in hell, getting to the top of a steep hill, only to have it fall down to the bottom again, and he must do it again and gain. Here in my poem, it is the type for someone who broken hearted at love, or searching at love, can ultimately transcend the perceived futility by eventually finding true love!

Readers, you should know this poem isn't about me, it is about those who still struggle to find love and then are rescued by a wonderful love at the moment when they need it the most!

so that is what I meant. of course, readers may look at other examples, or how it affects them...personally may be different from my intent in writing it.

NOTE: This poem is from my collection Emerging Goddess, and remains in my blog by permission of my publisher TiLu Press, LLC. Deleting it from the blog would have left my comments about the poem; lost. (alas maybe they should be lost! LOL)

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