Thursday, March 6, 2008

Living Breath of Love (Poem) With A Reader's Comments

A reader wrote the below about one of my poems that is published...
I cannot answer her inquiry with a name, other than to say it was a poem about a woman who's love (at the time) I had worried I had lost...

the reader said:

i read some of your poems that you wrote of them i most like.the poem name is "living breath of love".it is very,very plaintive and beautiful!it seems the writer was fell in love deeply and felt helpless. he was waiting hopeless love.who is the lucky lady? does she come back? i have a little envy...just a little...

here' s the poem:

Living Breath of Love
by Tim Kavi

sitting by the window
the frosted pane
all is winter
lovers' bane
cold and gray
wintry day
I am still
missing you

my words move
flow like time
in rhyme
slow like ice
certain as death
in a darkened room

the words
music brings sense to them
as I compose
the words
poetry makes a frame for them
as I prose
the words
fiction plays them out
as I pose
through many masks
to find
my words for you
are the same everywhere

I miss you
I love you
I live my life together
with you
it is OUR life
every minute
every word

is sung
is spoken
across all time
I wait for you
sweet season of change
when I see your face

my heart beats in sync with yours
no man has loved a woman such
as much
as I love you

I will wait for you
to come back
no matter how long it takes
even beyond the end of life

you know I do not lie
it is a pure song
as gentle as the snow falls
each flake unique
made by you and I
nourished by our love
reflected by my memory
of your eyes
and your lips

gently kissing me
as the blizzard's wind blew
my hair
making my nose red
walking quickly
across the frozen river

the words
warming the whole scene
filling the earth with spring
reflected in my eyes
back to yours
simply say
I love you
at winter's departure
you said
"I will be back soon"!

so my eyes fill with tears
all through the years
when I think of you
and your precious breath
breathing life into everything
flowing life
living life
happy life

only with you
touched by you
it lives
I live because of you
your love....
and the living breath of it
as even Spring itself
waits for the arrival of your love.

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