Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Mighty Love (Poem)

Our Mighty Love
by Tim Kavi

broken chains
twisting and turning
eternal flames
smoking and burning

trees shaking
earth quaking
birthing nations

across oceans
planets afar
troubled motions
doors shut, doors ajar
weeping tears
long years

nothing can separate us
from our mighty love

steadfast glaciers
molten lava
every bit of flow
nothing in sky above
or earth below
can stop our mighty love

no power in nature
technology made by man or god
can overcome the joint design
of our mighty love

there is
nothing can separate us
from the kiss
of our mighty love
in past we miss
each other
oceans far apart

now there
is surety
of human heart

not one thing exists
can stand between
strong guiding hand
between our love
this unfolding scene

ancient mountains
are moved into the sea
bursting fountains
of purpose
driving you and me

destiny's unfold
will soon
make a way
so bold

into the gentle
of our sweet love
forever rested

our mighty love
knows no bounds.

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