Thursday, March 6, 2008

Song of the Outpoured Lover (poem)

Song of the Outpoured Lover
By Tim Kavi

When he came from lands far away

He beheld her grace, glory, and truth

He spoke to her with a final say

As she responded to him in her youth

Of love's outpoured song

Fully spent

For her love he did long

Cupid's arrow fully bent

And ready to be shot

A great iron in the fire

Burning white hot

His desperate song became desire

She responded from afar

With a smile of awareness

Of her bedroom door ajar

While lantern burned of fairness

Her beautiful skin glistened

In the light

Of her lover's song listened

Upon the silvery night

They both sought gentle repose

From the world's wild winds

When they did disclose

Their gentle love to best of friends

Who beheld the mystery

Of two made one

And the resulting liberty

Of love's victory won

Eternal smiles locked upon their faces

The power of love's outpoured song

No matter the people or races

The love song all boundary erases

Oh sweet lovers we live through you

Of daring places

To be and to be not few

Days until we behold your destiny's traces

Our love is made perfect in yours

No matter the time

Or on distant shores

Song of your outpoured rhyme.

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