Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blog Special: Homecoming. A New Poem About Loss in War.

by Tim Kavi

in the streets
there was once happpy
now there are endless
mourning songs
making what's
left to life
seem like
eternal sadness

bleeding wrongs
for what is right?

what songs
are these

but those who come
home from war?
(all wars)

in a land
far away
where treated
like strangers

there is so unwelcome
a rest
as this?

death speaks truth
but I want
the lies of love

I want them
to tell me you
came home to me
that this
is all just
some big mistake

I have only
your memories
as a felt embrace
and an empty bed
where once you
took your place

but let me not
be selfish
and tell you
for sure
I still love

and never forget
that you loved
me too

to the very
last breath.

Poet's Afterword:
This poem was previously unpublished. It was very emotional to write. I was consumed with depression and loss. Yes it is about loss in war, but it could also be about a lost love, which is a war sometimes, of another sort. -- T.K.

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