Thursday, October 16, 2008

Power of the Human Kiss

power of the human kiss

Assuredly I say we should never underestimate the power of a human kiss!!

If we kiss we shouldn't always expect a kiss back, but ahhhh..a returned kiss is very powerful I think.

one time I wrote the following poem. A lady read it when it got published. she wrote me afterwards, deeply moved, and said she was a Widow.... it reminded her of the kiss of her dear love now departed. she said she could still feel his kiss...

and when you stop and pause can you feel (even in memory) any mighty kisses in your life?

we start out with the kisses of our mothers (or others who cared for us), then the kisses of a bride might grace our lives, and all along we are kissed by Nature and life...yet human kisses can even transcend time and death!

your kiss
by tim kavi

the absence of your kisses
makes a heart grow more fond

a new moon
lights the night
I try to make the way

back to your door
my love transcends
the space
and distance
even across time

it finds you again
even if a windy kiss
an embrace
of lovers that are missed

sweet solace
your felt embrace
tells me I have been kissed.

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