Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blog Special: "Immigrant's Journey" (New Previously Unpublished Poem) with Comments by Poet

"Immigrant's Journey"
by Tim Kavi

treacherous journey
nature itself
fought her in elements
as barriers
to her own progress

languages disparate
cultures askew
she embraced
the edge of all of it

the dazzling beauty
saw her
tears in the snow

the sled continued
the dogs pulled
it to the

where the dawn's
was gracefully appearing

all her disappointments
must melt
in the light

of the upcoming spring
as she advanced
to the newland

of hope
and promise
and love

if that was found
it was all
she could hope for

the founding
the discovering
the happiness

of a new place
called home.

poet's comment:

this poem can be described thus:

answering a poem with a briefer poem

in the painted
landscapes of
we are all like this

but to the lovely
immigrant we know the
sure dance
of the sure acceptance
of new identity and consciousness!

I say this:

this poem is really about the journeys of consciousness and human strivings for and achievement of potential and development
life is a journey
love is a journey
many aspects of life are journeys

yet it is also the conscious unfolding of our unconscious aspects
of identity
moving from winter to spring
from night to day
from shadow to light

it is the attainment of that which is hoped for!

this poem is as much about the uncovering of the anima in men and the animus in women as anything else...

by the way, I am touched by my own immigrants who came here from other lands to America. In fact my grandfather's family the 'Newlands' knew what it was like to come to a New Land. My grandma Newland one of the poetic goddesses in my own life taught me much about hope in everyday existence! (hence the term Newland used in the poem has a double meaning (double entendre)--as it shows the two words together "New" and "Land" as 'newland' in the poem this is by design. as this stanza shows:

of the upcoming spring
as she advanced
to the newland

as such this poem is not only a testament to all immigrants, (and immigrants of the soul's journey), but also to my Ancestors and their struggles to come here.


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