Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dreaming by the Fire (Poem based on a dream from 1988)

"Dreaming by the Fire" (1988)
by Tim Kavi

passionate poets
blown by the wind
old man's vision
reality does bend

into places
you know not
like a new truth
in the smoke

everyone was silent
when the
old man
first spoke

circles in the trees
nature's worship
no cruel joke

the patterns are
waiting to be
if we dare

in the mist
I beheld
asin a dream

(the Old Man
was in a trance
no one knew
what was meant
as in the fire
winter was about
to be spent)

so we turned
into the collective
among the community
of healers
by the shamanic fire

where I traveled
in the air
across a desert

looking outside
me, down
and above
a sacred place
I felt outside
my body

there was
a temple
with laid stones
in the pathways

where three
medicine men
and did surround

holding forth
their tokens
of healing
in their sacred ground

their hands passed
right through me
into my very being

like phantoms
in the mist
they imparted

their tools
to bring life
and heal the
broken hearted.

Poet's Afterword:

This poem is based on a true dream I had over 20 years ago. I share this special experience in the greatest humility. After the dream and finding a new path in my own life as a mystic, I responded to the call to work as a healer.

I have done that work in a variety of community clinics and hospitals ever since.

Now my words seek through love and restoration to bring peace, love, and healing. I only ask to be used by divine grace to help someone in need, to honor my Native American heritage, and my calling.--T.K.

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