Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seated Next to You (New Poem)

Seated Next to You
by Tim Kavi

seeing your beauty
finer than what adorns
any mortal face
domestic silver; crystal
china on the quilted
silken covered place

I smiled at You
not wanting; daring
to see your eyes
darting like Durga
really deeply caring

frightened; for I
am mortal; with blood
coursing through veins
mind seems only brain
but I know you are More
I have sung your sacred names

so many times
and places before
pilgrims climbed this road
to sit at this table
Table in The Wilderness
Manna to find some abode

seated with You
in heavenly places
is to see you gowned
in the majestic celestial
ballroom; angels abound

ministry to You
is my call
I hear your whispered

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