Saturday, July 20, 2013

More About Goddesses: Publication Announcement

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More About Goddesses: Publication Announcement

My latest eBook is a collection of my columns, More About Goddesses, all together in one place.  The collection also includes new columns that have never appeared here and won't be published on the blog (as well as most of those that have appeared here up to July 2013). So you are getting both new and old content, highly readable, convenient, and an interesting collection of these essays that gets a large amount of traffic on this blog.  Included also are several of my poems with Goddess themes.

These are essays about Goddesses, their stories, traditions, and histories.  If you enjoy Goddess motifs, themes, and implications of the Goddess for personal development, you will enjoy the essays contained in this collection.

Because of its availability as an eBook (first, as an Amazon Kindle Edition, with other ePub editions coming soon to all the usual places), this book will no doubt be discovered by some readers who are seeing these columns for the very first time. All are welcome, as an appreciation of the message and compassion of the Goddess couldn't be more needed than it is today. Thanks for supporting my work, I appreciate YOU!~~TK

NOTE: No worries, future More About Goddesses columns will continue to appear in this blog on a regular basis. Those columns will not be updated to appear in this edition of the eBook, but in future volumes. Volume One includes columns up until July 2013 with some additional columns that only appear in the eBook.

(About the cover image:  from the remnant of the Aphrodite temple in Aphrodisias, Turkey).

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