Saturday, September 29, 2012

Infinite and Measured. (New Poem)

Infinite and Measured.
by Tim Kavi 

And measured.
How do you measure
the measureless?
Experience the unfathomable;
live on the arms of the spiral?

You exist
live in it, move in it
breathe in it
smile at Her love

in every moment
stretching across memories
across all time
in myths, legends and odes

there she frequents
visits, and in complexity

around the perfect circled
bend, time moves like a slithering
serpent, making old
robbing us of being bold

but we stand in love
it is infinite
reaches from birth to death
yet measured
in every breath

when I hold Her in You
embraced by your love
I realize in the finite experience
drawn in the hills and valleys
of our joint experience

we have touched
collapsed the circling
around us
bent fragments of infinite
love, we are in finite

measured out
every day
just in your kiss

I know I am loved.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bridge to Human Hearts (New Poem)

Bridge to Human Hearts
by Tim Kavi

You know one day
I thought I was lost
and I thought I was alone
but then I saw you
on the bridge to my heart
saying: Darling, please come home!

one day the universe
was smiling
angels played along
with their starry tunes
educated by your smiling love
better than many full moons

they didn't need to scheme
Cupid's arrows had already flown
when you walked to my open arms
reality became like a dream

love's roads
destiny's crooked turns
I know already
my heart calls to you
can you hear it?

now let me meet you
in the middle of the bridge
and take me to your heart
your love
for together we make a path
that always leads home

a place where love always abides
across the bridge to both our hearts
where there was no mistaken
walk, steps, or stumbles,
there was only running

to each other's arms
to each other's hearts!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face (New Poem)

"Yet the Goddess Hid Her Face"
by Tim Kavi

In the Autumn morning,
before it was brought to light,
the cisterns had all been lit
the corners had all been swept.

Ophelia and Psyche had cleaned the room
it was then the song had a sacred cleft;
for in the Song, an ancient ode was written;
a homage to the Groom.

But behind the tambourine
a Goddess still hid her face.

Uttering the Song
The ancient Greek chorus stood as one,
at the Oracle's place in Delphi
their words mocked the gloom
for there was one much more precious
than was reflected in that night's Moon
the annals of history came and went
but the Goddess still hid her face.

The blustering winds of Furies
bashed many heroes' hopes
Even the great ones, laid among
the chains and ropes;
climbing the rocks they labored,
but to seek some redemption
they only looked to masculine selves
while the Goddess still hid her face!

Annointed with olive oil,
Athena's wisdom dripped from the vases
of Panathenaic paint, given to those skilled
in cunning ways of competitive fight
who are fround in prowess, and did not faint!

Yet the Goddess still hid her face!

Then when the journey's nearly over
swords and shields in disarray
heroes sought divine help
in a homecoming not so nice
forgotten heroes;
their deeds did not suffice
to turn the hearts that were cold
for their exploits seemed forgotten
mythologies and old;

She began to show her face!

a smiling face that finally led
her heroes home;
by her shining grace
protected in a mist
until all is revealed

in a love so true
the seeker sought his wife
until seeking, what is found,
in unblinded eyes, scales fell;

for She now has a fully revealed face.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Butterfly Lovers and the Legend of Liang Zhu (Essay)

"Butterfly Lovers and the Legend of Liang Zhu" (Essay)
by Tim Kavi

In my poetry, the image and symbol of the butterfly, and its predecessor, the chrysalis (or cocoon) is a recurrent theme. To me, as a Westerner, these symbols often personalize  personal development, change, and metamorphosis.  Butterflies are also seen as beautiful winged creatures. To me, many times, the symbol of the butterfly is a flight to freedom and a discovery of our beautiful natures. In any regard, let me simply say that the winged flight of a butterfly is a symbol of a flight to freedom.  Perhaps it is the freedom to be what we always wanted to be, and is therefore a flight to acceptance and being.

In the case of a pair of butterflies, perhaps we have the acceptance of this freedom to be with another, but there are other ways to view this beautiful symbolism of butterflies together and to accept the flight of butterfly lovers.

In the ancient Chinese legend of Liang Zhu which has also been called the 'Oriental Romeo and Juliet', we have a remarkable Chinese folktale from the Jin Dynasty which was about 1600 years ago.  This legend which most school kids learn about in China, has birthed a number of inspirational works including, operas,
concertos, literature, and art.

The story goes like this. In order to pursue her studies, Zhu Yongtai disguised herself as a man.  Over the next three years of study, she fell in love with her fellow student, Liang Shanbo. The legend has it that she admired his intellectual capabilities.  During this time, and up until it was time to leave the school, she kept dropping hints to him, but he missed their meaning. Later, after realizing Zhu Yongtai's intentions, he went speedily to her family to propose marriage. Unfortunately, her father had already betrothed her to another man, which was a grave disappointment to Shanbo.  He became sickly, and after several incidents of illness, he died.  Later, on the day of her wedding, Zhu Yongtai  was riding in  her processional cart (some accounts say boat), and she decided to pay a memorial to Shanbo at his tomb.  It was very windy and there were thunderstorms.  The storms caused the tomb to open up.  Yongtai then lept into the tomb to be with her lover.  Later, they transformed into a pair of beautifully colored butterflies, and flew out of the tomb wing to wing together, and headed towards a rainbowed sky.

A beautiful and touching story.  The Legend of Liang Zhu is another example of beautiful transformation, acceptance, and becoming transfigured beings--in this case the jump and flight into a true love across a rainbow draped sky.~~TK 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slapped Poet with A Dark I" (new poem)

"Slapped Poet with A Dark I"
by Tim Kavi

I once saw a semi naked man
sitting on the street

My mistake was in thinking
I was somehow better than him

I saw the vastness of the Universe
on one sleepy night

It did not stop me from snoring

I once received an important letter

It promised an exotic vacation

I parked my car carefully on a quiet street

On a backstretch Interstate 270 a sniper
watched traffic through his sights

I saw a pretty flower emerge in the dirt

A few days later, it was not there.